The Innovation in Aircraft Design

Our vision

Our vision is to help improving life for our generation and to leave better living conditions for future generations on earth by making the preservation of the planet one of our top priority.

Our mission

Our mission is to create realistic systems to be manufactured and marketed by the global automotive industry to suit the personal transportation needs and fit in the budget of most individuals with the aim to reduce emissions and traffic load on our roads.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to design compact and environmental friendly vehicles in several styles to carry two persons in urban traffic. The vehicle is to be equipped with a coupling system to easily and safely dock the vehicle into other devices.


The development is to include concepts, prototypes, patents, proof of concept, permissions for public use by the responsible authorities and introduction of products ready for serial production to the global market.





Open for two.
The Trixy Aviation Spirit is a completely new development. By combining a side by side configuration with a open cockpit the Spirit offers a completely new flight experience. It offers a perfect base for flight training, tourist flights and fun. An efficient engine and radical new design approach makes the Spirit the gyrocopter for the generations to come.


The elementary way of flying.
Based on the Trixy Aviationn G4-2 airframe the Liberty provides the thrill of an complete open flight experience. To not just promise sport in the name Trixy Aviation has equipped the Liberty model with a high grade carbon fiber fuselage and weight reducing Sports interior. Reduced to the pure essence makes the Liberty the “roadster” of the sky.



The comfort in flying.
Based on the Trixy aviation G4-2 Airframe The Princess is a step towards performance combined with unexperienced Comfort. A carbon fiber fuselage for better vibration Suppressing and a closed canopy provides fun flight protected from the elements. With the smart versatile airframe the pilot experience a never offered freedom of upgrading his Gyrocopter to an individual configuration.


The TrixyEye is a Gyrocopter designed by Trixy Aviation based on the successful Model G 4-2 and enhanced for professional use in several fields, such as Aerial Photography, Media Broadcasting, Police Air Support, Traffic Observation, Border Control, Coast Guarding, Search & Rescue, Pipe Line Surveillance, Power Line Surveillance, Wide Area Fire Observation, Drug War, Avalanche Blasting, Animal Protection, Agriculture Spraying and many other Fields.

The TrixyEye is designed to fly in different Climates with removable Canopy Glass and effective Cabin Heating System.



An open air gyrocopter with motorcycle saddles in a tandem configuration, T-bar steering that looks like a motorcycle and is powered by a motorcycle engine.
The intention of Trixy Aviation was not only to create something special, but also to offer a lower budget open air gyrocopter. Zero is also a step forward in the development jurney of the flying motorbike TRIXYZ

Trixy Former

The future of individual transportation.

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